About Michael Kobuladze


Michael Kobuladze artist/sculptor,Georgian by origin, was born on the 11/12/1959 in Leipzig, Germany. Lived and studied in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 1992 was graduated Tbilisi Academy of Arts – sculpture faculty. In 2006 moved together with a family to Ireland.

Member of: Ceramics Ireland, Visual Artists Ireland, Louth Craftmark Designers Network.

“I really like working with clay, it is a wonderful natural and very ancient material that people have ever used, and this material helps me translate my ideas.  I create a complex hollow abstract handmade sculpture, which has double walls with internal space, and therefore they are not heavy.  In each of the sculptural objects I want to convey harmony, balance, emotions and grace, as well as give a feel, how can develop imagination in the abstract vision of contemporary art.  I creatively explore space and volume in constantly new ways, and with this I expand my creative range. My methods of creating clay sculpture is a long and complex process; after firing, polish the surface manually; sculptures of natural color, covered with wax. The sculpture in its natural color acquires a visible sense of hardness of stone or metal. The sculpture with a painted surface emphasizes the intensity of forms, the play of colors and spatial volume. Many works can be installed in different positions. At the moment I work in two directions:

a) an abstract hollow sculptural form with an internal space, in some of which I place a moving ball – this gives the sculpture a riddle.

b) sculpture, in which I express the beauty and mystery of female and male figures, combines three or four abstract forms to create a 3D effect”