Michael Kobuladze - Ceramic Sculptor, have graduated from the Tbilisi Art Academy in Georgia.
In 2006, he moved to Ireland, and now lives in Dundalk.
He is creating sophisticated hollow abstract handmade forms, that have thin and double walls with the interior space and therefore they are not heavy.
Natural colour Sculptures give a sense of hardness of the stone or metal.
The non-glazed surface determines the intensity of the shapes and the spatial volume.
Michael inventively explores space and volume in continually new ways.
His creative range is wide.
He is combining three or four abstract hollow forms together to create a 3D effect.
Many of the works can be installed in different positions.
At the moment he is working on two directions:
The first is an abstract hollow form with an internal space.
In the second direction, he is express the beauty and mystery of the female and male figure.



'My hand-built sculptural objects, represent themselves as abstract forms, in each of the forms I want to convey harmony, balance, emotions and grace, and show how convincingly modern sculpture can be made from ceramic.'

'My techniques to create a clay sculpture is a long and complex process, after firing, I polish the surface by hand and leave it in the natural colour. 
I cover them with a solution based on technical wax. Sometimes I put an abstract pattern in the form of an ornament.'